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Professor Ryan O’Hayre of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department and Professor Neal Sullivan of the Mechanical Engineering Department are partnering with the research and development team at Ceres (Horsham, UK) to enhance the performance of solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The O’Hayre – Sullivan research team is exploring the value brought by novel materials in boosting the performance of Ceres’ unique metal-supported SOFCs.  The Ceres solid-oxide technology replaces the ceramic backbone of more-conventional SOFCs with a steel support. This technology is the centerpiece to its highly efficient, fuel flexible, robust and economic fuel cells and electrolyzers. The Ceres technology can be used in a wide range of industry applications to decarbonize industry including distributed power, motive, and marine. In parallel to this cell-development research, CSM is currently developing a 100-kW, 70%-efficient hybrid electric generator based on Ceres’ technology through funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (DoE – ARPA-E).”

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